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Best Gaming Headset for PC

Top 5 Best Gaming Headset for PC in India 2022

Gaming Headset are hot, hot, hot! Basically, they’re the hottest selling Headset in India And everywhere. It’s interesting that Gaming Headset has become popular in the last years.

We have a criteria where we check the audio, battery, overall quality & brand. And then we rank them to bring it out to you guys. So we do thorough research & then bring you the best blog about Gaming Headset. I’m going to talk about 5 Gaming Headset for every price range. But I’m going to tell you which one you should take. Because everyone’s requirements are different. So watch carefully!

List of Best Best Gaming Headset

1.Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Gaming Headset4.2 out of 5
2.Razer Kraken X Wired On Ear Headphones4.1 out of 5
3.Xbox Wireless Headset4.7 out of 5
4.ASTRO Gaming A50 4.3 out of 5
5.Turtle beach elite atlas arrow4.4 out of 5

1.Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Gaming Headset


At number 1 spot we have Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Gaming Headset in this position. let’s take it up a notch in sound quality this one here is the best headset. the brand corsair has to offer the sound quality is more than good. it’s excellent a step above what you’ve seen so far it’s microphone besides delivering clear conversations s detachable. its design it’s impressive with lights on the sides it’s wireless and compatible with everything. so don’t worry about the brand of your console comfortable it sure is it could actually improve on its price since it’s expensive. but putting that aside it’s excellent it doesn’t rank any higher in this top because its battery lasts 15 hours which is fine.

Product Dimensions‎23.81 x 9.11 x 20.95 cm; 358.34 Grams
Batteries‎1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Batteries Included‎Yes
Batteries Required‎Yes
Cable Feature‎Without Cable
Connector Type‎Wired
Has Auto Focus‎No
Includes Rechargable Battery‎Yes
Programmable Buttons‎No

2.Razer Kraken X Wired On Ear Headphones


number 2 we have razer kraken x this is one of my favorites though. It’s the cheapest one I’ll show you in this blog at this price. It’s wired and thanks to that it can offer good audio quality and keep its price within all budgets. Although its sound is still slightly inferior to the previous position however its microphone is surprisingly good. It doesn’t skimp on call quality while suppressing surrounding noise. It’s also very comfortable though not necessarily.

Product Dimensions‎16 x 21 x 8.8 cm; 265 Grams
Hardware Platform‎PC
Special Features‎Noise cancelling
Mounting Hardware‎Headset
Microphone Form Factor‎With microphone
Headphones Form Factor‎On Ear
Voltage‎1.5 Volts
Batteries Included‎No
Batteries Required‎No
Connector Type‎Wired
Has Auto Focus‎No
Includes AC Adapter‎No
Programmable Buttons‎No

3.Xbox Wireless Headset


At number 3 we have Xbox wireless headset. It is a very good deal for something completely wireless with the 15 hour battery life just like the previous position. Its sound is also superb and you’ll have great quality online conversations as its mic will filter out background noise. Its simplicity and design and features might grant it a better position in this top but there are a couple of things to consider, the first is what you were thinking the Xbox wireless headset works great on pc and Xbox. But maintains its rivalry with PlayStation and won’t let you connect to that console. Meanwhile its comfort is good but not the most pleasant.

  • USB-C charging cable (14 inches long)
  • Speakers Speaker size: 40mm
  • Speaker material: Paper composite diaphragm and neodymium magnet
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Speaker Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Microphones Mic design: bendable boom with dual mics and Illuminated LED when mic is on
  • Materials Headband: inner steel metal band with foam cushioning
  • Ear cushions: oval design with polyurethane leather and foam cushioning

4.ASTRO Gaming A50 


At number 4 we have ASTRO a50 wireless Headphone. If you want this headset you better be prepared to starve because it’s price 36k and that’s a blow to anyone’s wallet. Its lithium battery grants you up to 15 hours of continuous. The brand claims that if you charge it and don’t use it the battery should last up to 20 months. Whether you play on pc Xbox or PlayStation this headset connects to everything. its microphone is amazing it’ll pick up what you say clearly without allowing noises to sneak in. Its sound is pretty good all around balanced highs mids and bass. this headset is very comfortable and its ear pads are friendly for users with glasses if it had a weak point it would be its old-fashioned design but hey that’s a matter of taste.

Brand‎ASTRO Gaming
Product Dimensions‎18.5 x 8.84 x 18.22 cm; 675 Grams
Batteries‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Batteries Included‎Yes
Batteries Required‎Yes
Cable Feature‎Without Cable
Connector Type‎Wireless
Contains Liquid Contents‎No
Includes Rechargable Battery‎Yes

5.Turtle beach elite atlas arrow


At Number 5 we have Turtle beach elite atlas arrow. When you put on the elite atlas arrow you’ll witness a superb sound with noise cancellation, So nothing interrupts your game, online conversations without problems. Its mic is great and can be removed when you no longer need it. If you play on pc you can wear it wireless thanks to its 30 hour battery life. but if you plan to use a console like an Xbox PlayStation or Nintendo switch You’ll have to connect it with the cable included in the box. Its price tag is reasonable although some people think it could be cheaper mind you the controls are somewhat complicated and have few presets. it’ll take you a bit to get used to them but once you do enjoy playing.

  • Lightweight comfort – A lightweight design ensures complete comfort during those hours-long gaming sessions
  • Flip-up mic – Turtle beach’s renowned High-Sensitivity microphone picks up your voice loud and clear, flips up to mute
  • Premium ear cushions – Synthetic leather-wrapped ear cushions provide enhanced comfort
  • Improved bass response and better noise isolation

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