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what is better wireless earbuds or headphones

If you are thinking to purchase a wireless earbuds or headphones then it is very likely you have spent a considerable amount of time deciding if you want to buy wireless earbuds or headphones. But for most of the people the more important question is, what is the difference between these two, and how does it matter? If you are still stuck in this decision point and are unable to decide if you want to go with Bluetooth headphones vs True Wireless Earbuds then this article is for you to make the choice.

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Before deciding which kind of a Bluetooth headset there are a few factors that you need to take into consideration.

Purpose – What are the Situations you Plan to use them!

This is perhaps the most important aspect while deciding what kind of a Bluetooth headset you are looking to buy. The optimal answer for you might change from situation to situation and the mileage can vary greatly based on where you plan to use them.

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In general, situations where you wish to go light, you might end up favoring the earbuds that are extremely easy to wear and also easy to use in most situations. On the contrary, the Bluetooth Headphones are much bulkier and difficult to use in several conditions especially while working out and jogging.

True Wireless earbuds are those Bluetooth devices that prevents from needing any wires to be connected to the device, They do not need any wire or cord between them. These are truly wireless, they come with individual batteries, controls, and communicate wirelessly between the pair. This means that you can easily use them for a jog or enjoy them on a bicycle ride with your helmet on with a great safety.

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Quality – How much does Sound Quality matter to you!

It is a commonly known fact that for the same given price, Headphones are generally better performers than earphones or earbuds. This normally because the larger drivers in the headphones have a better performance than the smaller drivers in the earbuds. Most of the good earphones have a driver between 8 and 13mm while headphones that have a lot more space and can easily accommodate larger drivers, afford as big as 40mm drivers comfortably.

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While the on-ear or over the ear headphones might generally have a better sound quality, the earphones generally have a better seal in the ear which means better noise isolation. The quality of noise isolation can make a great amount of difference in reducing ambient sounds and distractions. It is possible to get the same level of noise isolation or even more in over-ear headphones by going with a pair that has Active Noise Cancellation or ANC but that will end up costing you a lot more money.

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Portability – Do you plan to carry them around often?

If you are a regular traveler or if you plan to use your Bluetooth Audio device while traveling to work or college then portability is very important. True Wireless earbuds are very portable to carry and the modern TWS earbuds come with very good battery life also so it’s definitely be a great choice.

All the TWS earbuds come with a charging case of their own and when you place your earbuds back in them while at work or college, they can swiftly charge up your earbuds making sure they are ready for your commute back home. TWS Earbuds take up a lot less space than generic Headphones or in most cases even your smartphone.

The extremely portable nature of TWS earbuds means that you can carry them along pretty much everywhere without having to worry about it taking up too much space. On the contrary, Headphones take up a lot more place than earbuds or even your smartphone, while some headphones offer a little more portability than others by offering a folding option, this cannot be said about all the options. While headphones offer you a much larger battery in-built compared to the TWS options, they cannot generally be charged through a charging case, you need to charge it by its battery or a specific cord.

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Comfort & Ease of Use

This is yet another important aspect while making a purchase decision for most users, while earbuds are small and easy to carry around, they might not be the most comfortable to use in all cases. A lot of users often feel that earphones or TWS Earbuds often slip out of their ear over extended use and sometimes even cause mild pain in the ear over an extended period. This can be a major deciding factor for most users as it limits the time that you can use them.

On the other hand,

Headphones are generally much more comfortable over longer periods, these come with high-quality cushions and rest over your ear. This offers much higher comfort and allows you to use them for extended periods. Since these headphones sit over your ear and have a nice comfortable headband to reduce the stress on your ears, they stay more comfortably on the head without it slipping and falling. Most headphones also have an adjustable headband allowing you to enhance the comfort of the headphones earphone or earbuds can cause skin problem after long time of use but headphones are more safe in this matter.

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When you do make a purchase decision on which wireless earbuds or headphones you want to go with, it is important to consider all the aspects that are mentioned above, not all the aspects matter the same to everyone and while some might want to sacrifice the comfort for the sound quality, others might choose portability over everything else. In this case, it is important to understand your priorities and get it straight about which aspect is more important to you.

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