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What is the best Mobile Processor? All Information you need about Smartphone Processor

There are several types smartphones available in market, and almost all those smartphones have different type of chipsets or processor. The performance of each Processors is vital for any smartphone, it gives shape, the user experience and leaves a long-lasting positive impact. So, if you want to make sure you’re buying the right smartphone with the right SoC, check out our article. After reading this you will understand which is the best Mobile Processor for you.

Every year we have several types of mobile processors making their debut in the smartphone industry. Each one is unique in its own way, and each one is better than its previous variant. However, there is a small limitation between each processor and its capabilities too. One can give you a better gaming experience, the other can give you a high quality camera experience, and some can deliver a fantastic lac free overall experience.

What is a Processor in a Smartphone?

A Processor is the most important part of smartphone or rather good to say it’s the brain of your smartphone. This component converts all of your actions into visual changes on the screen in a smartphone. The performance of your smartphone depends upon on the processors. The activities of anything that you do on the phone right from opening various applications, browsing on the internet, playing games, etc., all depends on the processor. Thanks to the number of cores and certain clock speed the actions are always processed blink of eyes. The better the processor, the smoother the experience and less time consuming. Now a days There are so many smartphone processors brands available in market.

These processors are made to full fill the need of a smartphone user. They are programmed to handle computation tasks, voice calling, image construction, camera calibration, and cellular networking and many other thing. Quite frankly speaking, they are the smart mobile processors of the coming generation, and that’s why today’s mobile processors are called System-on-Chip (SoC) . However, these SoCs are so complex that they require additional testing to identify essential advancements in the processors performance, i.e. Benchmarking.

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What are the things to see before buying a Mobile With the best Mobile Processor?

Processor cores

Now its a era of multicore processors (1-2-4-6-8-10). how many cores are there in the processor, and more what cores are doing the performance must be the best, the more core in the processor you get the faster the device get and the heating reduced . Recently MediaTek has started trial production of a 12 core chipset.


Comparing processors purely from the standpoint of performance not totally but something depends upon the CPU, but it’s clear that the graphics part will be better if there’s installed a GPU in SoC. However This is especially noticeable in the high end segment. in GPU performance both are nearly same in the mid-range and low-end segment. Qualcomm produces and uses its own graphics chips that are best to work with the processor and other components in smartphone .

Power Consumption

If the processor is high power consuming which results in shortened battery life. in that case you should go with a high power battery mobile. But manufacturer companies are trying improve their processors to be less energy consumable.


The cores of the processors are able intensive and heavy task performance and they are very good at multi-tasking, But in Other hand the more core in the processor the better performance in multi-tasking and handling heavy and intensive tasks and gaming also.


The more the processor consume the power or less the number the core the more the device will get heated. And also make sure the device has a good cooling system.

Cost of the processor

There are so many processor available in market for same solution in different price. But basically The more the cheaper processor the worst User experience. like MediaTek SOCs are more cheaper than similar Qualcomm solutions.

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Best Processor for Mobile 2021

RankProcessor NamePhoneCenturion MarkAnTuTu 8GeekBench 5*
#1Apple A14 BionicApple iPhone 121656118431613 / 3909
#2Snapdragon 888OnePlus 91587229071140 / 3745
#3Exynos 2100Samsung Galaxy S211566989651085 / 3654
#4Apple A13 BionicApple iPhone 111545248461345 / 3568
#5Kirin 9000Huawei Mate 40 Pro1526987951067 / 3764
#6Kirin 9000EHuawei Mate 401516332551077 / 3772
#7Exynos 1080Vivo X60 Pro151637232850 / 2989
#8Snapdragon 870Xiaomi Poco F31516475091010 / 3423
#9Snapdragon 865+Asus ROG Phone 3150620268926 / 3342
#10Dimensity 1200150*625102939 / 3367
#11Snapdragon 865OnePlus 8149597297944 / 3454
#12Dimensity 1100Vivo S9149612309866 / 3487
#13Snapdragon 780GXiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G147512084813 / 2926
#14Dimensity 1000+Xiaomi Redmi K30 Ultra146486043804 / 2808
#15Apple A12 BioniciPhone XS Max1464013591139 / 2944
#16Dimensity 1000146*511357811 / 3084
#17Snapdragon 855+Asus ROG Phone II145488150792 / 2816
#18Snapdragon 860POCO X3 Pro145461385750 / 2582
#19Exynos 990Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra144532769939 / 2772
#20Snapdragon 855OnePlus 7 Pro144433903755 / 2640
#21Kirin 990 5GHuawei Mate 30 Pro 5G144505723782 / 3097
#22Kirin 990 4GHuawei Mate 30 Pro 4G143
#23Kirin 990E 5GHuawei Mate 30E Pro 5G143
#24Exynos 9825Galaxy Note 10+142455130774 / 2434
#25Exynos 9820Samsung Galaxy S10140392201851 / 2307
#26Dimensity 1000LOppo Reno3 5G140342107313 / 1380
#27Kirin 985 5GHuawei Honor 30139421071691 / 2612
#28Kirin 980Huawei Mate 20 Pro137404883709 / 2488
#29Dimensity 1000CT-Mobile LG Velvet 5G137
#30Snapdragon 768GRedmi K30 5G Racing136350914704 / 2031
#31Dimensity 820Redmi 10X Pro 5G136410416661 / 2677
#32Exynos 980Samsung Galaxy A71 5G135337721706 / 1864
#33Snapdragon 765GOppo Reno 3 Vitality134318917598 / 1829
#34Dimensity 800UXiaomi Redmi Note 9T134326476626 / 1931
#35Exynos 880Vivo Y70s134292377659 / 1833
#36Snapdragon 765Motorola One 5G133290380482 / 1818
#37Dimensity 800Honor Play 4133321253554 / 2220
#38Snapdragon 750GMotorola Moto G 5G132332300667 / 1999
#39Snapdragon 690OnePlus Nord N10 5G131291148613 / 1859
#40Dimensity 720Realme v3131293743524 / 1687
#41Dimensity 700Realme 8 5G131293419540 / 1717
#42Apple A11 BioniciPhone X130316524926 / 2362
#43Snapdragon 845OnePlus 6T127362476515 / 2221
#44Exynos 9810Samsung Galaxy Note 9125321500693 / 2040
#45Snapdragon 732GPoco X3125282502576 / 1811
#46Snapdragon 730GOppo Reno 2124282999545 / 1748
#47Kirin 810Honor 9X124323660622 / 2040
#48Snapdragon 730Redmi K20123255340545 / 1778
#49Snapdragon 720GRealme 6 Pro123277832572 / 1707
#50Snapdragon 480Vivo Y31s122262534520 / 1666
#51Kirin 970Huawei Mate 10 Pro121239440391 / 1375
#52Helio G95Realme 7120300476521 / 1608
#53Helio G90TRedmi Note 8 Pro119285824497 / 1627
#54Apple A10 FusioniPhone 7 Plus118253993780 / 1419
#55Helio G90                   118*226901517 / 1642
#56Snapdragon 835Google Pixel 2 XL117280101390 / 1720
#57Exynos 8895Samsung Galaxy S8+114176078384 / 1577
#58Snapdragon 712Vivo Z5114225485409 / 1528
#59Snapdragon 710Xiaomi Mi 8 SE113221286396 / 1469
#60Snapdragon 678Xiaomi Redmi Note 10113236291520 / 1492
#61Snapdragon 675Redmi Note 7 Pro112205121426 / 1386
#62Snapdragon 670Oppo R17111180984351 / 1347
#63Helio P95Oppo Reno 3 Pro 4G111212556403 / 1526
#64Helio P90OPPO Reno Z110223312397 / 1510
#65Helio X30Meizu Pro 7 Plus109
#66Apple A9iPhone 6S Plus109172432546 / 1002
#67Snapdragon 821OnePlus 3T108177166343 / 754
#68Snapdragon 820LG G5107168540325 / 808
#69Helio G85Redmi Note 9107195603357 / 1268
#70Exynos 8890Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge106178154375 / 1328
#71Helio G80Redmi 9106203829354 / 1311
#72Helio G70Realme C3105196533360 / 1279
#73Helio P65Vivo S1105187252352 / 1283
#74Kirin 960Huawei Mate 9 Pro103209909384 / 1590
#75Exynos 9611Samsung Galaxy M30s103184673331 / 1218
#76Exynos 9610Samsung A50102170293341 / 1152
#77Snapdragon 660Xiaomi Mi A2101156817338 / 1334
#78Exynos 9609Moto One Vision101188890330 / 1259
#79Snapdragon 665Redmi Note 8101177906318 / 1370
#80Snapdragon 662Moto G9101180011316 / 1402
#81Helio P70Realme U199190509302 / 1413
#82Snapdragon 460Moto E7 Plus99148603260 / 1170
#83Helio P60Realme 198170400275 / 1127
#84Exynos 7885Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)98139221325 / 1054
#85Kirin 710Huawei Honor 8X98165666336 / 1212
#86Snapdragon 636Nokia X697147325277 / 1140
#87Exynos 7904Galaxy M2096118420275 / 1022
#88Exynos 850Samsung Galaxy A21s96127031163 / 955
#89Snapdragon 632Meizu Note 892122024265 / 1050
#90Exynos 7884Samsung Galaxy A2092110792249 / 907
#91Exynos 7884ASamsung Galaxy J3 Orbit91
#92Kirin 955Huawei Honor V889119699347 / 1095
#93Snapdragon 630Motorola Moto X488118444177 / 990
#94Kirin 950Huawei Mate 888172119340 / 1285
#95Exynos 7872Meizu M6s87
#96Helio X27UMIDIGI Z Pro85
#97Exynos 7420Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge81114789260 / 893
#98Helio P35Infinix Note 68199148172 / 974
#99Helio G35Realme C1181110685177 / 997
#100Snapdragon 810OnePlus 280
#101Helio P30Gionee M780
#102Helio G25Redmi 9A8091545136 / 475
#103Helio X23Lenovo K8 Note79
#104Helio P23OPPO F579103387155 / 863
#105Helio A25Infinix Smart 4 Plus78
#106Helio X25Meizu Pro 677
#107Exynos 7880Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)77105488147 / 914
#108Helio X20Sharp Z27592171267 / 810
#109Helio P25Gionee A1 Plus75
#110Snapdragon 653Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro74
#111Helio P20Sony Xperia XA174
#112Apple A8iPhone 6 Plus74
#113Snapdragon 626Motorola Moto Z2 Play72
#114Snapdragon 625Xiaomi Mi A171102726171 / 1032
#115Kirin 659Huawei Honor 7X71
#116Kirin 658Huawei P10 Lite71
#117Snapdragon 650Redmi Note 3 Pro70
#118Kirin 655Huawei Honor 6X7067163174 / 848
#119Kirin 650Huawei Honor 5C7064802171 / 801
#120Snapdragon 439Vivo Y936998280180 / 807
#121Helio P22Xiaomi Redmi 66997816156 / 746
#122Snapdragon 652Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro6998055259 / 990
#123Snapdragon 450Motorola Moto G66988693152 / 971
#124Snapdragon 808Nexus 5X68
#125Exynos 7870Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)6785815129 / 495
#126Helio A22Xiaomi Redmi 6A6680803162 / 545
#127Kirin 935Huawei Honor 766
#128Kirin 930Huawei P865
#129Apple A7iPhone 5s65
#130Snapdragon 429Nokia 3.26583585171 / 547
#131Helio A20Ulefone Armor X763
#132Exynos 5433Samsung Galaxy Note 461
#133Helio P18Nokia 5.161
#134Helio P10ZTE Nubia N159
#135Snapdragon 435Moto E5 Plus5973451126 / 580
#136Helio X10HTC One E959
#137Exynos 7580Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)58
#138Snapdragon 430Xiaomi Redmi 3s57
#139Snapdragon 617Motorola Moto G4 Plus55
#140Exynos 7570Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime5356994109 / 366
#141Snapdragon 616Huawei Honor 7i52
#142Snapdragon 615Lenovo Vibe P151
#143MT6750TOppo F351
#144Snapdragon 427Moto G6 Play50
#145MT6739HTC Desire 125049240104 / 348
#146Snapdragon 425Nokia 2.149
#147MT6738Alcatel A30 Fierce49
#148MT6753Lenovo K4 Note49
#149MT6752Lenovo K3 Note48
#150MT6750Oppo F1s48
#151Qualcomm 215LG K2248
#152Snapdragon 415Lenovo Vibe K547
#153Kirin 620Huawei P8 Lite47
#154Snapdragon 412BQ Aquaris X546
#155MT6737TSamsung Galaxy J2 Prime46
#156Snapdragon 410Xiaomi Redmi 245
#157MT6737Moto E4 Plus4541789130 / 439
#158MT6735Meizu M242
#159MT6732Acer Liquid Jade Z41

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